Things We Did in Istanbul (Part 1)


It was mid of April when I went to campus library with Aditya and found a rack full of Lonely Planet. I was taking the Istanbul guide book home and asking “should we go to Istanbul next month? It looks beautiful!” which Aditya answered with “of course, why not! Just plan the trip, and let me ask my professor if it’s okay for me to take a leave”. Nice!

After got a green light to go, we immediately made the flights reservation, the hostels, and apply for e-visa. We were so excited for this trip! Not more than 2 weeks later, we went to Turkey and stayed for 5 days in Istanbul.

How was Istanbul? It was really really great. Before exploring Istanbul, we got ourselves an Istanbulkart and a Muzekart. Istanbulkart is a smart card for public transportation payment in Istanbul. It can be used for any transportation mode in Istanbul. We got one in the airport and topped it up easily in everywhere. Since the transportation mode in Istanbul is pretty good, this card is very useful. Muzekart is a museum pass that can we buy in one of the museum. The price is 85 TL for 3 days. By using this card, we are able to visit several historical places in Istanbul without having to queue. This card really is a great deal. So, before you go, make sure to check the opening days and hours of each museum so you can plan your museum visits and use this card effectively, LOL. Psst, with this card, we also can get discount on Bosphorus cruise! :p

There are so many things to explore in Istanbul; historical buildings, cultural heritages, local foods, etc.
Check this list of things that we enjoyed during our days in Istanbul for details! :D

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