Black Swan (2010)

Late night, I tried to watch one of DVDs that I just bought. Black Swan.

I just want to be perfect…

Black Swan is a psycho-thriller movie about Nina (Natalie Portman) on her way to be a perfect dancer performing Swan Queen. When the ballet company is preparing the production of Swan Lake, an artistic director Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) has to cast new lead dancer who can play the role of innocent, grace White Swan and dark, sensual Black Swan. Nina fits the White Swan role perfectly, but she is too rigid to play the Black Swan role. On that situation, Thomas impressed with Lily (Mila Kunis), a new dancer at the company. He then make Lily as Nina’s alternate.

The director of Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky, brings the darkness side of dancer’s life in this movie. Pain, jealousy, and perfection.

This story at glance may look like story of two people struggling to get lead role as Swan Queen. But, with the creativity of the director, that simple theme delivered with high complexity, thrill, and horror. Black Swan is a story about fighting yourself to be the perfect one. It’s about perfection meets destructive obsession. It’s about Nina finds her true self as she tries perfectly to role Black Swan.

Maybe the story like this has often happened in the world of art, act, and dance. Sometimes, actors need to contemplate to live up the character they played. They eliminate their identity and put character they played. Totality is important but the process will be very difficult as experienced by Nina. When the pressure to perform prestigious role is really high, she displays many psychotic symptoms, delusion, and hallucination.

I found that watching this movie is very stressful. -__-

This movie is great, but I can’t stand watching broken toenails. Or watching when she started to scratching her body during stress. Or watching her obsessive-over-controlling mother cut her nails roughly. Aaaaa, that’s torturing me. :'(

I salute the ability of Aronofsky to bring a movie like this. I salute to Natalie Portman, too, who played her character very well. It’s very different to see her in this movie compared with No String Attached.

No String Attached (2011)

This movie released on January 2011. Although it has been released long day ago, it is still available on the nearest cinema. Because of the end of the month (which means my monthly fees is run out), I simply downloaded it few days ago and watched it through my computer. :P

“You make my heart have premature ventricular contractions.”


“You make my heart skip a beat.”

No String Attached is a romantic comedy movie starring Natalie Portman (Emma) and Ashton Kutcher (Adam).

Emma and Adam have known each other since they were kids. No matter life direction be, they’ll meet each other again and again. One day, Adam know that his girlfriend is having a relationship with his father. In this troubled time, he start calling every woman in his cellphone. The day after, he wake up in Emma’s apartment. Later, he knows that last night he drunked, texted Emma and shared all his stories. Emma leads him to her bedroom to give his pants, but they end up having sex.

Emma and Adam then decide to have each other as sex friends. They set up some ground rules for each other so their relationship not becoming too serious. No fighting, no jealousy, no staring deeply into each other eyes, blablabla. So, can sex friends stay best friends?

No string attached means to have casual sex without falling in love. Like usual romantic-comedy movie, there’s less romance at the beginning of the movie. The romances build gradually when the two main character find their love for each other. This movie is light and entertaining. One thing for sure, the story does not fit with eastern culture.

BTW, Natalie Portman looks beautiful. She can play her cast very good; independent woman who fears of having a relationship. And Ashton Kutcher looks handsome, certainly as always. :P