Hi Bye, Mama! dan renungan tentang motherhood, kematian, dan ini itu

Tadinya mau pakai kata kontemplasi instead of renungan di judul, tapi kok kayaknya berat banget yak, takutnya pemirsa jadi berharap terlalu banyak terhadap tulisan ini, hahaha.

Sejak muncul trailer Hi Bye, Mama!, saya ingin sekali menonton drama yang satu ini. Drama ini akhirnya tayang di Netflix lokal minggu lalu dan sekarang saya sudah setengah jalan, hihihi. Sebagai anak yang mudah terbawa emosi saat menonton, Hi Bye, Mama! sukses membuat saya tertawa dan mengucurkan air mata sejak episode pertama. Sebelum nonton saya tau sih bahwa serial ini bakal bikin nangis banget banget banget, but I watched it anyway. Apakah suka menyiksa emosi sendiri dapat dikategorikan sebagai masochistic personality disorder?


Source: IMDB

Hi Bye, Mama! bercerita tentang Cha Yu-Ri, heavily pregnant woman yang meninggal lima tahun yang lalu karena kecelakaan. Dalam bentuk hantu, ia pun mengikuti perkembangan anaknya dari hari ke hari. Karena suatu kejadian, dia diberikan kesempatan untuk menjadi manusia lagi apabila dia berhasil mendapatkan tempatnya kembali sebagai ibu dan istri dalam waktu 49 hari. Sayangnya, suaminya sudah menikah lagi.

Di sini, saya langsung tanya ke suami dong:

“Kalau aku mati, kamu nikah lagi ga?”
“Ya, mungkin. Nanti siapa yang ngurus anak ini?”
“Kalau ngurus anak doang mah pake nanny aja kaliii.” (((NGEGAS)))

Hahaha iya dong mesti ngegas. The idea of my husband having another wife is upsetting. Tapi sebenernya kalau saya udah mati mah gapapa kali ya, kan people have to move on with their life. Read More

My thoughts on Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story yang dibintangi oleh Scarlett Johansson dan Adam Driver bercerita tentang drama proses perceraian dan bagaimana sebuah pernikahan falling apart. Film ini baru saja rilis di Netflix 5 hari yang lalu, dan saya sudah nonton 2 kali: sendiri dan bersama suami. This is a good movie and I’m touched, so I have to drag my husband with me! :))


Source: Netflix

Film ini dimulai dengan indah, bagaimana Nicole (ScarJo) dan Charlie (Kylo Ren Adam Driver) menarasikan hal-hal positif mengenai satu sama lain. Adem yah dengernya. Keluarga mereka nampak bahagia, pernikahan mereka pun nampak sempurna. But, is it? Read More

The Vow (2012)

I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness, and to have the patience that love demands. To speak when words are needed, and to share the silence when they are not. To agree and disagree on red velvet cake, and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.

I vow to love you. And no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find a way back to each other.
I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.

Last Thursday after work, I came to the cinema and bought ticket for one. Me time! Impulsive me was impulsive. :3
It was a work day and a late night so there was just few people came to the cinema. I suddenly came to the cinema because I missed watching movies at the cinema. And I am in the need of drama movie. Fufufu…

So, I watch…

Life is all about moments of impact, and how they change our lives forever. But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them?

Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams), young happily married couple, got a car accident. After the accident, Paige got a brain trauma and lost her memories. She could not remember her five past years. And she did not remember her husband, either. So, Leo, with all of his tenderness, tried to make his wife to fell in love with him again.

Actually, the plot of this movie is very predictable. And the trailer has summarize it all. One thing that makes this movie still interesting is to know Paige’s life before they met and to know how they relationship going.

I think Rachel McAdams plays her role well. I love her from the beginning of the movie. She looks beautiful, smart, cheerful and happy. But, after the accident she is become a whiny person which reflect her confusion after the accident and her struggle while try to remember her past years.

On the other side, I think Tatum acting in this movie is not so good. I like him. Yeah, he is like one of the super hot actor in the universe. He is handsome. His dimples are cute and lovely. And his bare-chested is so…fascinating. Eh? <3
But.., there was lack of chemistry with Rachel in this movie. As a husband who wants to get his love of a lifetime back, his expression is less and his pain feels skin deep. Maybe if I can feel their chemistry, this movie will be complete and very touchy. :’)

BTW, here’s the moral of the story that I get after watching this movie:

  • Love of a lifetime is meant to fight for.
  • When your relationship is being tested, do not give up. Try to remember good memories that ever happened. :)
  • Use seat-belts!
  • Try to have a diary. Or a blog. Try documenting our life, so we can re-read it again when we got amnesia. :P

FYI, this movie is adapted from a book that tells a true events of married couple Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. Many people say that the book is waaay better than the movie. Maybe I should try to find and read it soon. :)

BTW, if I wake up from coma and Channing Tatum tell me that he was my husband, I will not questioned it… :”> :”>

Flipped (2010): you never forget your first love

Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss; but every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.

-Chet Duncan, “Flipped”-

Flipped is drama movie directed by Rob Reiner, starring Madeline Carroll as Juli Baker and Callan McAuliffe as Bryce Loski. This movie is an adaptation of Wendelin Van Draanen with the same title.

Bryce meets Juli when his family move to another house, right across Juli’s home. When they first meet, Juli know it is love while Bryce is not so sure about it. Juli is a unique and always-want-to-know things, but Bryce feels annoyed with Juli’s behaviour. He tried to stay away from Juli, eventhough it is useless because they live in the same street and go to the same school.

Day by day, year by year, Juli still admire Bryce. After realizing some events, finally Juli thinks that she might be wrong about Bryce. While Bryce begins to see Juli the way he never seen before.

This movie is set in early 60’s. With the duration of 90 minutes, Flipped tries to tell about first love. Seems that the duration of the movie is too long to tell this simple story. But, I enjoyed it! Uniqueness of this movie is the way of storytelling. Flipped tells the story from both Juli sides and Bryce sides. So, it’s kinda funny and sad to see their stories. While Juli thinks that Bryce may interested on her, Bryce thinks the opposite. etc etc etc.. :(

So…, nice and simple movie! I enjoyed the music, the old 60’s settings, the oldies lighting, the character. Love it! :)

Movie Review: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010)

I’ve watched several Thailand romantic movie, and its addictive! Finally, I had a chance to watch this movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Not a new movie though, but still worth-watching. :)

Crazy Little Called Love (2010) is a Thailand romantic comedy starring Fern Pimchanok Leuvisedpaibul (as Nam) and Mario Maurer (as Shone). Nam is a high school girl who is secretly in love with her senior, Shone. Shone is a charming 10th-grade-student who interested in photography and football. He often teased by his schoolmate because his father failed to take penalty shoot on the football cup. Eventhough, many girls are still crazy for him, including Nam.

Aware as not-a-dazzling-girl in the school, Nam, with the help of her friends, try everything to improve herself to get Shone’s attention. She start to treat her dark skin and start to study diligently.

On the next next next grade, Nam has become a beautiful girl. Then come another charming boy at school, Top, Shone’s best friend. Top has expressed his love, but Nam refused him because of her love to Shone. But, Shone and Top already have agreement that they won’t love same girl. This promise makes Nam’s love to Shone seems not possible.

In the end of school year, Nam will go to continue study in America and Shone will take a football career. Before they separated for long time, Nam expressed her feeling to Shone with all of her courage. But sadly Shone has been dating someone. After that meeting, it turns out that Shone also has a feeling for Nam.

Nine years later, they meet again. And…..happy ending :)

This movie has a simple storyline. It describe first love and its cheesy things. That CHEESY!!!

Although the story is simple, unfortunately the movie is told with a bit long-winded and makes the duration is quite long, almost two hours. But don’t worry because the transformation of Nam may not be boring and can be a refresher during this film. Pretty good movie, nothing special but still entertaining.

After watching this movie, it is funny to realize how every little thing can make us either happy or worried. Chasing is really the best part, right? :P

Besides that, love can make someone change, either to fit with his/her loved one or to get his/her attention. It’s good if the change go to the positive direction.

I think, on eastern culture, it is not usual if a woman express her feeling first to a man she loved. So, note to every man, say ‘love’ if you love her before it’s too late because second chances do not always exist. :P


First Love 2: The Sequel, 9 Years Gone. This sequel takes part after the 9 Years of Shone and Nam’s life. The director confirmed that there is a sequel, however, it is still only in draft-processing but will be released soon. If ever there will be, Mario Maurer will reprise his role as Shone and Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon will reprise her role as Nam.

Source: wikipedia

Life As We Know It (2010)

Last night, when I am bored and have nothing to do, I saw stacks of unwatched DVD. Because of the need to watch drama movie, I decided to watched this one. Life as we know it.

Holly Berenson (Katherine Heigl) and Eric Messer (Josh Duhamel) were set up on a blind date by their friends. Their first date was not going well and they started to hate each other. After their friends died in an accident, they have been named as a caregivers to their friends’ baby, little Sophie.

Things is not going pretty well at first, but they keep working on it. When everything went better, Messer, which is work on television as a technical sport director, given a work at Phoenix. So, he go to Phoenix and left Holly and Sophie in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Sam, a guy whom Holly met at her bakery, is getting closer to Holly’s life.

Yap, we don’t need to watched the movie until the last minute to figure out what is going to happened and how is the ending. Happy ending, like mostly drama movies ended.

The story is not so special. Flat flow. There’s no scene that makes me wanna cry so bad or makes me wanna ‘awww’. Just hmm hmm… Not so good, but not bad either. Still tolerable to watch and entertain me without having to think.

Ghostwriter Movie: entah saya yang dodol atau filmnya memang …

Sekitar satu jam yang lalu, baru aja gw nyampe kosan, abis nonton bareng copi, intan, ira. Sejak masih berada di dalem bioskop, tangan gw sesungguhnya udah gatel banget pengen nulis postingan ini. Jadi, sok aja check this out! :D

So, rencananya tadi kita berniat nonton The Expendable yang katanya film action bertabur bintang. Udah semangat 45 mau ketemu Jason Statham ternyata studionya penuh sampai tengah malam. wth!

Karena bingung mau nonton apa, akhirnya kita nanya ke mbak mbak kasir. “Ghostwriter tentang apa mbak?” “Yah film serem gtu lah.” Yasuwdahlah akhirnya kita membeli tiket dan menyiapkan tekad untuk nonton film yang katanya (dan terdengarnya) horror itu. “Yaudahlah, buy 1 get 1 ini, murah kok!” *mahasiswa belaga tajir*

Dan ternyata oh ternyata, Ghostwriter bukan film horror! Film ini bercerita tentang ghostwriter alias penulis memoir orang (oh gw baru tau kalo penulis memoir itu disebutnya ghost atau ghostwriter -__-“). Read More

Letters to Juliet

Ternyata udah lama banget yaa saya ga posting tentang film-film. Udah lama juga ga nonton film drama. :P

Kemaren ini saya menonton Letters to Juliet bersama ketiga teman saya — Ina, Lala, dan Adit (yup, aneh memang.. ada pria di rombongan nonton kami! padahal filmnya drama, hahaha). Kita nonton di Plaza Semanggi 21 yang cuma ada film itu dan Eclipse. Lagipula hari ini adalah hari terakhir penayangan Letters to Juliet di bioskop di Jakarta dan sekitarnya.

Because true love will have not expired…

Film ini bercerita tentang Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) yang lagi jalan-jalan ke Verona ama tunangannya. Tunangannya yang seorang koki restoran sibuk mencari truffle khas Italy dan ikut pelelangan anggur. Di tengah perjalanan sendiri di kota Verona, Sophie sampai ke suatu tempat yang disebut House of Juliet, rumah legendaris di mana kisah Romeo & Juliet bermula. Sekarang, banyak wanita dari belahan dunia berkunjung ke tempat tersebut, mereka menuliskan surat tentang masalah cinta mereka, dan menempelkan surat tersebut di dinding.

Terdapat beberapa orang relawan yang menamakan diri mereka Secretary of Juliet. Mereka mengumpulkan surat-surat tersebut di sore hari dan membalasnya satu per satu. Daripada liburan bengong bengong geje, akhirnya Sophie membantu Secretary of Juliet untuk membalaskan surat-surat.

Secara tidak sengaja, Sophie menemukan surat dibalik batu dinding. Surat tersebut dikirimkan oleh Claire, 50 tahun yang lalu! Akhirnya surat itu pun di balas.

Suatu hari, ada seorang pria bernama Charlie datang ke tempat Secretary of Juliet untuk menanyakan sebuah balasan surat yang ternyata ditujukan untuk Claire yang merupakan neneknya. Akhirnya dimulailah perjalanan untuk mencari Lorenzo, pria dalam surat yang dituliskan Claire.

Segitu aja deh ceritanya, malas menulis detailnya. :P

Oiya ini salah satu quote terkenal dari film ini:

I am madly, truly, deeply, passionately in love with you…

Yang pasti film ini cukup bagus dan menarik. Apalagi Amanda Seyfried dengan muka mahal-glamor-elegan nya cantik banget di film ini. :D

Setelah nonton film ini saya pengen banget banget banget ke Italy, belajar bahasa Italy, dan jalan-jalan di daerah pinggiran Italy. Yang pasti, kalo saya ke Italy, saya bakal ke Verona dan ke House of Juliet. Tapi eh tapi ada satu hal yang bikin saya ragu ke Italy: kok di film ini kesannya cowo-cowo Italy Don Juan semua ya? Apa karena istilah don munculnya dari sana ya? Tapi setelah berpikir bahwa kalo di Italy bakal bisa nyobain pizza asli sana dan jalan-jalan ke perkebunan anggur, whatever lah dengan don don di sana. Yuk Italy….! :D