Soekarno (2013)

Selama 2013, saya hanya menonton satu film Indonesia di bioskop, jadi jelas film ini deserve blog post tersendiri. Hahaha



Film yang mengesankan!

Rasanya kayak belajar sejarah plus plus. Ceritanya ok, dan film ini didukung oleh aktor-aktor dengan akting top notch. Pasti tidak mudah untuk Masboy eh Ario Bayu untuk memerankan tokoh proklamator.
Sebagian orang berkata bahwa film ini Soekarno-centris banget. Yahiyalaah judulnya aja nama doi. Hahaha

Yang menambah kesan di film ini adalah pemutaran lagu Indonesia Raya di awal film dan para penonton diminta untuk berdiri. OK banget ga sihhh. Mungkin lagu Indonesia Raya di awal film ini bermaksud untuk membakar semangat para penonton ya. Tapi, saya rasa lebih klimaks lagi kalau pemutaran lagu Indonesia Raya ini tepat setelah pembacaan teks proklamasi. :D

Satu yang jadi pertanyaan, apakah Bung Karno selalu bicara a la a la orasi gitu? Misalnya pas nyampe di Stasiun Gubeng, Surabaya, turun kereta lalu menyapa orang orang dengan tone orasi. #seriusnanya

Satu yang jadi catatan, itu dulu kemeja putih sama celana gombrong heiits banget ya sist. *iya iya ga penting*

Dari film ini, saya bisa lihat plus minusnya Soekarno. Ya namanya juga manusia kan bukan dewa. Ada masa-masa di mana dia galau, banyak pikiran, galau wanita, bisa sakit juga. Inilah yang membuat Soekarno di mata saya sekarang jadi terlihat manusiawi.

Selain main character, dari sekian banyak tokoh sejarah yang ada di film itu, yang paling berkesan untuk saya adalah Sutan Sjahrir. Karakternya tegas, lugas, tapi tetap berpikiran jernih. Tetap respect walaupun terlihat selalu kontra dengan Soekarno dan Hatta. Begitupun juga dengan karakter Bung Hatta, terlihat cerdas, kalem dan selalu berpikir sebelum bertindak.

Ohya, kalo di film ini, saya adalah #teamIbuInggit! :))
Yah, walaupun gatau ya kalo secuil sejarah diubah, misalnya Soekarno gajadi sama Fatmawati, nasib Indonesia jadi gimana.
Gara-gara film ini saya jadi ngeh kenapa ada Jalan Inggit Garnasih di Lengkong, Bandung. Gara-gara film ini juga saya jadi cari tau tentang Ibu Inggit.

Bu Inggit adalah ibu kos Soekarno saat di Bandung, mereka menikah tahun 1923, saat itu Soekarno berusia 22 tahun sedangkan Ibu Inggit 35 tahun. Walaupun namanya kurang terdengar setelah kemerdekaan, Bu Inggit lah yang mendukung Soekarno pada masa perjuangan dan masa-masa beratnya di penjara dan pengasingan. Terharu banget lah pokoknya sama Bu Inggit yang sangat lapang hatinya. :’)

Jadi out of topic deh.

Ya begitulah, intinya film ini worth to watch. Semoga di 2014 dan seterusnya, semakin banyak film Indonesia berkualitas. Kurang-kurangin lah itu horor berbumbu jijay yang banyak bertebaran di bioskop. Hih!

my blog: 2013 in review

“2013, such an unproductive year in my blogging history. Wish I can write and share more in 2014.”

Tadinya mau nulis gitu, tapi ternyata setelah dicek, pas annual report 2012 juga ekeu nulis kayak gtu. Hahahaha haa haa

Cem mana ini blog makin lama makin ga produktif.
Sibuk bro.
Alesan! :))

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 28,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Jaegers vs Kaiju \o/

Yesterday, I went to the cinema to watch either Despicable Me 2 or Pacific Rim. But, since Despicable Me 2 is sooo overrated, many people post about it in everywhere and talk about it like every day until I think I already know much and do not need to watch it again. Hmm ok, maybe next week.

So, I decided to watch Pacific Rim. And, I do not regret my choice! :D


Pacific Rim is a science-fiction movie directed by Guillermo del Toro. The story is set in 2020 when Earth is struggling against Kaiju, giant beasts that risen from a portal beneath Pacific ocean. To fight Kaiju, some countries are joining in consortium called program Jaeger, a gigantic mecha that controlled by more than two pilot that connected through neural bridge.

At first, program Jaeger is successfully striving against Kaiju. But, Kaiju is evolving. They are becoming well-adapted to Jaegers’ combat style. They are also coming more frequent than before.

People may easily compare this movie to Transformers. IMO, it’s not the same.
Okay, I’m not a fan of robot movie, but Pacific Rim is great, imaginative and beyond my expectation. IMO, Pacific Rim is more like Japanese mecha like the one in Full Metal Panic!. Or Gundam. Maybe. Hmm actually, I never know much about Gundam. :p
And the monsters? They remind me of Godzilla or monsters in Ultraman.

There are four Jaegers that introduced in this movie: Gypsy Danger (USA), Striker Eureka (AUS), Crimson Typhoon (CHN) and Cherno Alpha (RUS). Each of them weight around 6000-7000 tons and height around 80-100 meters. And they fight Kaiju with equivalent size.

While watching the pilots driving the robots, I always think: oh my God, that must be hard to control giant robots. Look at them, they are like exercising a step-machine. The one I hated most at the gym! :p

BTW, watching this movie makes me feel like a kid again. I just whooaa at the cinema. It’s like childhood imaginations do come true. I think, the feeling is similar to when I watched Jurassic Park for the first time… Once again, I am not a fan of robot movie, but this one took a place in my heart. This is the movie that I would love to watch over and over again in the future. A movie that I will show to my future kids. *halah lebay* And yes, besides the intense battles, this movie is safe for kids.

Maybe this movie is not perfect. To be honest, I don’t think their acting is exceptional. But, it doesn’t matter because the battle scene is incredible. They don’t put focus on the city destruction, just focus on the battle between Jaeger and Kaiju. And my favorite goes to…Gypsy Danger vs Kaijus battle scene in Hong Kong bay! :D

So, if you are searching for summer blockbuster movie that is not remake or sequel, this one is really worth to watch!

Go big or go extinct!



Man of Steel (2013): Superhot Superman

Yes, I like to watch superhero movies. No, (previously) I am not a fan of Superman at all.

So, what makes me decided to watch this movie so early?
Because, Christopher Nolan, the director of awesome Dark Knight trilogy, joined this project as producer and a writer. I believe he will make it so good. As simple as that. :))

New Man of Steel Poster


It’s not an “S”. In my planet, it means hope.

When it comes to Superman, I’ve never been too excited like this before. Why?
I am not reading the comic book, and as 90’s generation, the closest Superman movie for me is the 2006 Superman Returns which is not so good.
Sometimes I watched Christopher Reeve’s Superman on TV, but still, I don’t understand the whole story. I don’t understand the character. Okay, he is a super man from other planet stranded in earth, and then what?

What is the background?
Why Kal-El sent to earth?
How Krypton collapsed?
How he found out about his identity?
Why he chose the “S” symbol?
Why he is weak to Kryptonite?
How Clark can be close with Lois?
Why Lois Lane and anybody else do not realize that Clark Kent is Superman? Hey, he’s only use glasses.

And still many whys and hows…

But, Man of Steel is different. Thanks to the producer, scene-writer and director who made this movie easy to follow and not confusing.
In two and a half hour, they can tell the story and depict the details that was never depicted before.

The movie starts with a prologue about Krypton. The next time we see the protagonist, he is a grown man Clark who is trying to search for his identity while sometimes there are flashback scenes about young Clark. After that the antagonist come and…… fly, battle, hit, destruction, hit, battle, fly, battle, destruction, massive destruction!

Sooo, let’s meet our protagonist, Henry Cavill.


He is gorgeous! He has the charisma. And perfect jawline. And perfect face cut. :3
Brandon Routh is handsome, but he doesn’t have the charisma as a Superman. He is also too handsome to act as Superman, I think.

Henry Cavill acts very well as Clark Kent. You can see that he is struggling as Clark. Being different, trying to find his origin, trying to save people but advised not to show it off just because the world is not ready yet.

Oh BTW, thank God now Superman do not use that signature curly bangs anymore. He also do not use red outer pants anymore. The suit also looks great with it’s dark blue and dark red shades. Looks good and really manly.
Actually, I prefer Cavill wearing casual clothes and grow beards than wearing that tight suit. Or just shirtless and grow beards like the one in the oil rig scene. Hahaha, that one is superhot Superman!

I think all characters in this movie played the role very well so that the movie not too dark, although not cheerful, too. I like smart Lois Lane in this movie who is not easily fooled by glasses like in any other Superman movie. Clark’s parents are also very wise and warmth. Even the enemy, General Zod, is not like any other enemy who just want to take over the earth out of nowhere. His motive is strong, to stand up for his race.

Good storyline. Good actors. Worth the wait. Worth to watch. ;)


Aaaah, while watching the movie, all I want to do is jump into the cinema screen, hug the peluk-able Superman and fly with him. It must be great to be Lois Lane. Lucky you, Amy Adams.

It’s not an “S”. In my planet, it means hope.
In my planet, it’s an “S”. Stands for sexy.


apa yang dilakukan saat tahun baru?


Dari tahun ke tahun sebenernya acara malam tahun baruan saya sama aja. Masak dan makan bareng keluarga di rumah. Ya, udah begini for 23 years of my existence. Hahaha…
Tahun ini masaknya gulai kambing dan bikin sate maranggi. Kadang ngaliwet. Kadang barbeque-an. Kadang bakar ikan dan seafood-seafood. Ibuku emang jagoan masak. :9
Dan lagi lagi lagi biasanya makanan udah siap dari sebelum jam 9, makan, ketawa ketiwi, nonton TV, ngantuk, bobo, bangun-bangun udah tanggal 1. Emang ga tradisi banget sih di rumah pas tahun baruan harus gimana gimana. :))

Jujur aja sebenernya saya ga terlalu suka ke tempat-tempat keramaian di malam tahun baru. Hmm karena pusat keramaiannya jauh kali ya, kan biasanya di Ancol, Monas, dan Bundaran HI tuh. Trus ga kebayang sesaknya rame orang padet, gaaaahhh I’m claustrophobic. Oiya, trus gatau pulangnya gimana pasti macet dan rumah ekeu jauh. Hahaha..

Kadang pengen liat juga sih kembang api heboh. Eh tapi ini tetangga-tetangga pada pasang kembang api gede banget loh, horangkayah. Baguuus, gede dan warna warniii… Jadi bisa liat dari jendela kamar sambil nulis blog post ini deh. Walaupun pas awal kaget sih astagfirullah gandeng pisan. Belum lagi ditambah sautan piaraan-piaraan saya yang ketakutan setiap bunyi letusan kembang api. :))

Oiya tadi sempet nonton secuil film New Year’s Eve di HBO. Trus ada pasangan yang mau operasi caesar biar anaknya lahir tanggal 1 Januari. Pentingnyo. -_-
Jadi inget, biasanya kalo tanggal-tanggal cantik gini banyak kejadian-kejadian yang dipaksakan. Jadian, nikahan, lahiran, dsb. Saya sendiri ga suka ama tanggal cantik, kesannya ga tulus gtu. Hehehe. Jadian dan nikahan pas tanggal cantik; hmm bulan depan tahun depan juga tanggalnya udah ga cantik lagi. Eh tapi harusnya setiap tanggal tuh cantik dong, alhamdulillah masi dikasi waktu buat ngerasain hari yang baru. Tapi kan tanggal ini ga bakal keulang lagi; helah, tiap detik tiap waktu tiap tanggal juga ga bakal keulang lagi, that’s how time works. :))

Eh naon sih jadi out of topic. BTT!

Terus apalagi ya yang biasa dilakukan orang-orang. Oiya, bikin resolusi!
Saya sendiri jarang bikin resolusi tahunan. Paling tahun 2011, resolusi: lulus. Alhamdulillah tercapai. :)
Intinya sih saya sukanya resolusi yang pasti bisa capai. Ini mah antara sayanya pemalas atau suka dengan kepastian ya.
Tahun 2012 sok-sokan bikin resolusi, cuma 2 sih tapi agak gimana gtu ya. Kan pas awal tahun mah challenge accepted aja. Dua-duanya ga ada yang tercapai; nikah dan S2. :))
2013? Ah males lah bikin resolusi. Paling diingetnya pas bulan Januari dan Desember doang. Hahaha

Intinya mah saya pengen saya dan keluarga dan orang-orang tersayang sehat bahagia aja. Aamiin…

Oke, saatnya pergantian tahun di GMT+8…..
Selamat tahun baru 2013 semuanya! Have a great year ahead! :*