Back to the Postcrossing universe!

One thing that I really wanted to do when I moved to Sweden was to restart my postcrossing journey. Postcrossing is a platform where you can exchange postcard with its members around the world. For every postcard that you send, you will receive one back from strangers.

My fondness of stamps and postcards started early in elementary school. I didn’t know how it began, but there was one time where almost everyone in my class became a philatelist! We collected stamps and exchanged with each other. We even got ourselves a couple of stamp album. I got most of the stamps from my grandmother. It was delightful to find an old, rare, or even foreign stamp between the pile of used postage. Although most of the time, I only got these stamps (the 1998 duck series) that everybody had, so they were basically worthless.


Source: BukaLapak

Sadly, my philatelic journey ended Read More

what do you do when there is nothing to do?

I do felt-cloth-crafting !

Here is some of my latest craft. :)

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I do it because I love it, not because I’m expert. I even don’t know what this thing supposed to use. Key chain maybe? Or just fake mustache. :P

Felt-cloth craft is very easy to make. You just need felt-cloth, needle, sewing thread, scissors, dacron, and also a piece of paper and pen to create the pattern.

Since I just have limited color of felt cloth (black, white, dark brown, red, soft pink, lime green, and tosca), any idea what should I make later? :D

eye makeup <3

I like eye makeup very much, even though I do not use it often and not good at it. I just adore it. It looks interesting, like painting in the face. :D

If there’s one thing about makeup that I really want, eye makeup kit that is. The eye shadow palette, various kinds of eye liner, the brushes, etc etc.

Few weeks ago, I bought a liquid eyeliner from M*A*D Minerals which is known of its long lasting waterproof. I bought the Prism color which is more like dark base eyeliner with a touch of shimmery colors of pink, gold, silver, green and blue.

OMG, this eyeliner is sick! It really is waterproof and hard to remove. First time I used this thing, it lasted up to 2 days even though I’ve tried to clean it!
Lately I used baby oil and facial cleaner first, and then wash my face to remove it completely. It works.

Because of its liquid form, you have to wait for a minute after you apply it, so the eyeliner is applied perfectly.

Another thing that I bought is E.L.F The Beauty Encyclopedia Basic Eye Edition.

This eye makeup kit consist of 12 eye shadow shades, 2 cream eye shadow, 1 pencil eyeliner, 1 eye shadow brush and 1 eye shadow applicator. Quite complete for beginner like me. :D

The packaging is unique. It is like a book. The page behind the cover is the instructions on how to apply good eye makeup.
I love the colors of the eye shadows. It’s really neutral and can be used daily.
The cream eye shadow supposed to used as the eye shadow base so the color is enhanced.

In daily activities, I only use eye liner and cream eye shadow, and sometimes eye shadow with light color. The eye liner and that shimmery cream eye shadow make my sleepy eyes more open and look fresh without giving excessive look. :)

things to be happy about

Before my boyfriend went to Korea, he gave me this book: 14,000 things to be happy about. :)

14,000 things to be happy about is a book by Barbara Ann Kipfer. The book consist list of things that make she happy. Place, situation, food, random things, everything.

This book taught me to be grateful and be happy for anything. For example, a glass of avocado juice, a friendly smile from stranger, nice music from the radio, a slight rain on a hot day, entered the office on time, a beautiful sunset after a hard work day, or simply a nice view from my window in a lazy day like this:

this photo took a week ago from my bedroom window. Beautiful sunset. :)

Actually I’ve listed things that I’m grateful for in my blog page but somehow I haven’t update it again. :|
Maybe I should take little notes and start making a list, so in a gray blue day I can re-read it and cheer myself up. :)

panda phone case

In my leisure time, I’d love to make some crafts. And recent days, I’m in the mood for playing with felt clothes.

And now, what will be made?
THIS! Panda phone case for Aditya. <3

 I got the reference picture from here.

To make this phone case, you need:

  • Black and white felt clothes
  • Sewing thread with matched colors
  • Needle
  • Velcro strip

How to:

  1. Simply create pattern on thick paper with a size according to the dimensions of your phone.
  2. Duplicate the pattern to the fabric.
  3. Cut and sew (I use the blanket stitch technique).

And voila here’s the result!

hand-made panda phone case

Quite similar to the reference, right? :P

domo-kun phone case

domo-kun phone case

Yesterday, in the midst of my final project, I tried to find something else to do to refresh myself. Unconciously, I always choose movies, foods, or crafts to get out of boredom. And for now, it goes to crafts! :D

After several times working on papercrafts, I’d like to get new experience from knitting or sewing. So, I decide to make simple phone case with domo-kun character.

I get the reference from this picture (source):

The materials:

  1. light brown, red, white, and black flannel / felt
  2. needle
  3. sewing thread (with matched colors with the fabrics)

How to:

  1. create a model pattern on a thick paper. (I make this phone case for Aditya’s Google Nexus S which dimensions 124x63x11mm, so I create a 135x75mm model.)
  2. duplicate the model into the fabric.
  3. cut fabric according to model pattern.
  4. sew! (I use the blanket stitch technique to sew the felt-fabric. Here’s the tutorial…)

NB: To make this domo-kun phone case, it’s better to use light-brown felt-cloth, because darker color cause the domo-kun’s eyes are not visible. .__.

photobox cihuyyy :D

Hmm saya bukan banci foto (eh, iya ga ya?). Jujur aja saking malesnya memfoto diri sendiri, saya sering kesulitan memilih foto untuk profile picture (oh yes, pentingnyooo!) sehingga koleksi profice picture saya di media jejaring sosial sangat sedikit (dan saya salut sama orang yang profpic nya udah puluhan, ratusan, ribuan, jutaan). *ini serius lhoh*

Ah jadi OOT kan. -_-

Terkadang, saya suka iseng menyempatkan diri untuk ber-photobox. Yah sayangnya yang namanya photobox itu kan sempit sesempit kardus; agak gelap; dan hasil fotonya kecil-kecil karena selembar dibagi untuk beberapa orang. Setelah sekian lama, akhirnya saya kemarin ini iseng ber-photobox-ria di Papirus Ciwalk, karena fitur photobox-nya yang menarik, seperti:

  1. boxnya luas.
  2. ada sekitar 10 background menarik.
  3. bisa pilih foto netral atau dengan lomo-effect.
  4. ada properti yang bisa dipinjem (hats, glasses, bulu-bulu, wig, dan lainnya. hahaha)
  5. foto 8 kali dengan mesin yang user-friendly dan cukup informatif.
  6. bisa pilih template print foto dan pilih sendiri komposisi dan foto-foto yang mau dimasukkan ke template (foto yang abal gagal jadi ga perlu dimasukkin deh :P ).
  7. bisa nambah print dengan biaya tambahan 5K IDR per lembarnya (BTW, photobox-nya sendiri dengan 1 lembar print foto berharga 25K IDR).

Menarik kan kan kan? :P #ampundehnorak

Jadi, ini hasilnya…..

♡ ♡ ♡

Yap, that’s a photo of a photo of me and Aditya. :)

Setelah dipaksa-paksa, alhamdulillah yah Aditya bisa senyum pas difoto. Hohoho… Eh terus hasil photobox-nya cihuy pisaaan. Walaupun udah pake lomo-effect tapi masih jelas dan terang. Eh terus jerawat saya ga keliatan!!! ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Oiya, itu frame-nya juga mendadak beli di sana seharga 11K IDR biar bisa dipajang di kamar. #yiaseeek

BTW, ga bermaksud promosi lhoh ya. Kan kata pepatah: kalo bagus disebar aja, tapi kalo jelek langsung disebar lebih luas lagi komplain ke yang bersangkutan. :D

jelly lens: simple add-on lens for cameraphones

Getting bored of my cellphone camera, few days ago I bought jelly lenses from, Indonesia sale forum.

Jelly lens is an add-on lens which fit to mostly cellphone camera and pocket camera (or every camera with lens diameter no bigger than 1cm). This lens give certain special effect to your photo shoot. There’s 12 different effects that you can get by using jelly lens:

  1. Wide angle / fish eye
  2. Polarized
  3. Close-up
  4. Star frame and sepia filter
  5. Heart frame and green filter
  6. Vignette
  7. Starburst
  8. Spark
  9. Stretch
  10. Soft
  11. 3-images mirage
  12. 6-images mirage

..and I bought the close-up, polarizer, fish-eye and star frame/sepia filter lens.

Jelly lens is easy to use. Just remove the lens cap from the adhesive pad; attach the jelly lens to camera lens; correct the position for better photo result; take photos! :D

Later, when the adhesive pad is weakens and not sticky at all, gently clean it with soap water.

Here’s the result of my photo shoots with jelly lens:

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And below is my review about jelly lens. :D

After taking several photos with this add-on lens, my favorite lens goes to…fish-eye and close-up lens! Fish-eye lens give you unique bulge wide-angle picture, while close-up lens give you really fine macro images.

Sadly, the three other did not provide satisfactory image results. I think the sepia filter is not too good, the filter is not soft enough. Instead of giving you an antique sepia images, the filter will make your photo toooooo orange! The star frame is very difficult to be adjusted to the midpoint of the camera lens. I used to correct it over and over again. And the polarized…..hmm I still do not get the function. Well.., it used to reduce the light reflection on the photo shoot. But the problem is, I still do not get the appropriate conditions to use the lens with my cellphone camera.

BTW, as I saw from many sources, the vignette and starburst lens also give beautiful result. Maybe I should try it later.

Hmm, I know that my photo shoots is not good enough. Maybe I should practice, practice, and take more photos if I want to improve it. :D

For more information about the jelly lens: google it or go to . :)

I’m in the mood for papercraft-ing :)

So, dari kemaren entah kenapa saya bener-bener ga mood belajar. Maunya cuma ngelakuin pekerjaan kerajinan tangan. Start dari origami dan berlanjut ke papercraft.

Origami, tak ada kertas lipat, kertas binder pun jadi. Akhirnya saya pun coba buat bentuk burung hantu, rubah, anjing, dan panda. (step-step origaminya bisa di liat di

Udah bosen dengan origami, akhirnya saya googling tentang papercraft dan mendapat beberapa model menarik. Papercraft atau paper model adalah seni membuat model atau konstruksi dari kertas yang biasanya agak tebal.

Banyak banget pattern model yang bisa dicoba di internet. Saya sendiri banyak dapet dari:

Karena tampaknya untuk papercraft-ing membutuhkan material-material tertentu, akhirnya ber-papercraft ria nya saya tunda sampai hari ini.

Pulang kuliah, saya beli tick paper (sesuai rekomendasi teman) lalu mengeprint pattern model yang udah di download. Sampai di rumah, bermodal cutter, gunting, penggaris, dan double tape, saya mulai berkarya. :p

Daaaaan…voila! Inilah hasil karya saya selama dua hari ini. Ada animals origami, spongebob and patrick star papercraft, dan scott pilgrim’s ramona flowers cubeecraft. :)

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Next, bikin yang kayak gini:


Dan proyek besar, pas liburan, mau bikin yang ini:


duh bener-bener mulai ketagihan dengan papercraft-ing ini. apakah ini passion saya? apakah ini passion saya? *lebay* :))