when in doubt, google it

Earlier today, I was planning to eat cereal for breakfast just until I saw the expiry date of the milk.

Oh my… it expired on 06/05/2015, which is yesterday. T-T
*sniff sniff*
Hmm, the smell is still normal, tho. :|

Since the milk is still half a bottle, there’s a moment of battle in my mind on whether I have to throw it away or just drink it.

And finally…

take my phone

open browser

type … “expired milk smells fine”

After an intensive quick reading, most people on internet says it’s safe. Ha!
So, I pour it on to the cereal, put it again in the fridge, and enjoy my breakfast. :D

Lately, when I have a question, I simply google it.
Is it kind of internet addiction?
Anyway, thanks internet!

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