Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store

Monde Genji Pie has been my favorite snack since I was a child, and will always be.
Who can resist those hearty shaped pastries BTW? That crunchy-ness, that sweetness, perfect.

I am so glad that Genji Pie is still exist until now, even getting better.
Currently, this snack become a hot topic in social media after they opened Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store.


The pop-up store takes place in the North Entrance of Pondok Indah Mall 3 (Street Gallery) and open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM for only one month.

Actually, the store itself was only a small booth with few seats. What makes it interesting is the wall art and the decorations. The store is made of boards with amazingly beautiful and eye-catching hand-painting designed by some Jakarta’s talented illustrators. Inside, they decorate the store with white and put some vintage stuffs. Cute!

At Genji Shoppe, they offer some creation of desserts made of Genji Pie. During my visit, I tried two of them, Magic Cinnamon Pie (28K) and This is Not a Martini (25K).

This is Not a Martini & Magic Cinnamon Pie

This is Not a Martini & Magic Cinnamon Pie

Magic Cinnamon Pie

Magic Cinnamon Pie

They said the Magic Cinnamon Pie is the best seller. It’s two Genji Pie served with mix fruit with cinnamon sensation. Umm, you know, that kind of apple pie filling.
The taste is so-so. I think the fruit is too sweet and sour, and the pie is soggy. Some people might like it, but it’s just not for me.

This is Not a Martini taste better. No, it’s the best!
Actually, it is a mini bite size of Genji Pie dipped into a chocolate mousse. The Genji Pie tastes like what Genji Pie should be, sweet and crunchy. The sweetness of the chocolate mousse is just right. The combination of both is perfect! :9

So, that is all.

Besides that, there is still some other of desserts you might like and also savory snacks you might want to try. If you plan to visit, you better be hurry. This latest craze desserts shoppe in town only last for a month!


BTW, since I didn’t took many photos (it was a tiring day, heavy rain, and crazy traffic jam; and yes, I’m hungry and too lazy to take photos), you might want to check they official channel below or simply search #genjishoppe in instagram for many great and creative photos.

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Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store
North Entrance of Pondok Indah Mall 3 (Street Gallery)
Open daily 10 AM – 10 PM, until mid of May-14

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