The Sign of Three

Was watching Sherlock S03E02 The Sign of Three just now. Looove this episode so much! So far, this is the funniest and most comical episode among the Sherlock series. :))

In this episode, I’m glad to see the other side of Sherlock-John and how their relationship strengthen. I also love to see Mary Watson. She’s clever and nice, and understand both John and Sherlock. She’s the perfect match for John. FYI, Mary is John’s wife in real life, not surprised if they have a great chemistry. ;)

And Molly. I think she’s not really moved on. I’m curious how their relationship will be going. But since there’s already a news that our detective would not be falling in love in this series, I can’t expect much for that. :p

Besides all of that, I think this episode is a bit saddening. Sherlock is already too attached with John. It must be hard for him to face this kind of situation, especially when he gives his last vow, doesn’t have a partner to dance with and left the party by himself into the dark. I’m pretty sure that the next episode will be dark.

Ugh, I’m too emotional. I’m laughing out loud at first, but ended up feeling pitiful. :”
Certainly, I would not miss the next episode, His Last Vow. Can’t wait!

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