A Wedding Invitation (2013)

I sometimes feel the need to go to cinema to watch not-popular-random-movie. So, few days ago, after a hectic day at office, I went to cinema and watched A Wedding Invitation, a Mandarin rom-com movie directed by South Korean director Oh Ki Hwan.


The story starts with Lixing (Eddie Peng) and his girlfriend Qiaoqiao (Bai Baihe) happy relationship. But unfortunately, they must part. Qiaoqiao asks Lixing to break-up. She wants a diamond ring and a beautiful wedding dress that Lixing cannot afford yet. They make a break-up contract that if in five years neither of them is married, they will marry each other. Then, Qiaoqiao moves to Shanghai to become a ceramic artist while Lixing stays in Beijing to pursue his career as a chef.

Five years later, Qiaoqiao gets a call from Lixing invites her to his wedding reception. Apparently, Qiaoqiao still cannot move on from Lixing. She go straight to Beijing as soon as possible to sabotage the marriage and to get Lixing back.

As you guess, this part of movie will make you laughs and smiles watching their silliness to trick each other and make jealous. After few scenes, turns out that Lixing’s wedding is not real. He just need to do that to get her come to see him again. Yeay, happy ending!

When you think it’s over and happy ending, apparently it’s not.

Because of some medical issues, Qiaoqiao decides to leaves Lixing again. Actually, this is also the reason why she left him in the first place five years ago.
Sad and desperate, Lixing tries to figure it out and finally find out about Qiaoqiao’s conditions. Do not want to lose her anymore, finally Lixing asks her to marry him.

Yeay, happy ending!

Actually, mmm, no.

Yea, sometimes perfect relationship doesn’t mean to be together. :”

So, that’s it. I’m definitely fooled by this movie. After pairs of twist and hahaha-yeay-happy-ending moment, the movie ends with a melodrama. Not a sad ending, but not a happy one, too. *wipe tears, a lot of tears*

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