Man of Steel (2013): Superhot Superman

Yes, I like to watch superhero movies. No, (previously) I am not a fan of Superman at all.

So, what makes me decided to watch this movie so early?
Because, Christopher Nolan, the director of awesome Dark Knight trilogy, joined this project as producer and a writer. I believe he will make it so good. As simple as that. :))

New Man of Steel Poster


It’s not an “S”. In my planet, it means hope.

When it comes to Superman, I’ve never been too excited like this before. Why?
I am not reading the comic book, and as 90’s generation, the closest Superman movie for me is the 2006 Superman Returns which is not so good.
Sometimes I watched Christopher Reeve’s Superman on TV, but still, I don’t understand the whole story. I don’t understand the character. Okay, he is a super man from other planet stranded in earth, and then what?

What is the background?
Why Kal-El sent to earth?
How Krypton collapsed?
How he found out about his identity?
Why he chose the “S” symbol?
Why he is weak to Kryptonite?
How Clark can be close with Lois?
Why Lois Lane and anybody else do not realize that Clark Kent is Superman? Hey, he’s only use glasses.

And still many whys and hows…

But, Man of Steel is different. Thanks to the producer, scene-writer and director who made this movie easy to follow and not confusing.
In two and a half hour, they can tell the story and depict the details that was never depicted before.

The movie starts with a prologue about Krypton. The next time we see the protagonist, he is a grown man Clark who is trying to search for his identity while sometimes there are flashback scenes about young Clark. After that the antagonist come and…… fly, battle, hit, destruction, hit, battle, fly, battle, destruction, massive destruction!

Sooo, let’s meet our protagonist, Henry Cavill.


He is gorgeous! He has the charisma. And perfect jawline. And perfect face cut. :3
Brandon Routh is handsome, but he doesn’t have the charisma as a Superman. He is also too handsome to act as Superman, I think.

Henry Cavill acts very well as Clark Kent. You can see that he is struggling as Clark. Being different, trying to find his origin, trying to save people but advised not to show it off just because the world is not ready yet.

Oh BTW, thank God now Superman do not use that signature curly bangs anymore. He also do not use red outer pants anymore. The suit also looks great with it’s dark blue and dark red shades. Looks good and really manly.
Actually, I prefer Cavill wearing casual clothes and grow beards than wearing that tight suit. Or just shirtless and grow beards like the one in the oil rig scene. Hahaha, that one is superhot Superman!

I think all characters in this movie played the role very well so that the movie not too dark, although not cheerful, too. I like smart Lois Lane in this movie who is not easily fooled by glasses like in any other Superman movie. Clark’s parents are also very wise and warmth. Even the enemy, General Zod, is not like any other enemy who just want to take over the earth out of nowhere. His motive is strong, to stand up for his race.

Good storyline. Good actors. Worth the wait. Worth to watch. ;)


Aaaah, while watching the movie, all I want to do is jump into the cinema screen, hug the peluk-able Superman and fly with him. It must be great to be Lois Lane. Lucky you, Amy Adams.

It’s not an “S”. In my planet, it means hope.
In my planet, it’s an “S”. Stands for sexy.


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