getting a new haircut

Getting a new haircut is delighting. Sometimes. But not for this one time.

So, FYI I’m trying to wear hijab since three weeks ago. Since the weather here in Jakarta is so hot and I strapped my long hair all day, my hair fall is getting worse.
It’s really frustrating when I have to comb my hair. I used hair tonic, anti hair fall defense shampoo; but it doesn’t work.
Finally, I decided to get a short haircut.

But this is not what I expected!

You have no idea how I felt when the hairdresser clipped the scissors, moreover when he brought out the electrical hair cuttery — the one that use to cut boy’s hair. :”””””(((((

This is the second shortest haircut I’ve had in my life! The first one is when I was born  23 years ago. -.-

BTW, I’ve had a short haircut about 3 years ago. But it still looked feminine not too boyish. Today I really look like an androgynous model. But, my mother said that I look fresh and beautiful. Yes, she is surely #TeamShortHaircut.

So here I am, keep combing my hair anytime possible and hope it will come back in instant. :”

Yes. Getting a haircut like this is always frustrating at first.

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