The Amazing Spiderman is amazing!

As a fan of superhero (and romance, drama movie as well), what movie that I’m desperately looking forward to see on the beginning of July 2012?

The Amazing Spiderman, it is!

So, I watched it on a very first day of its release in Indonesia, 3rd of July. Yeay! \o/

In this new installment of Spiderman franchise, director Marc Webb tried to deliver a reboot of Spiderman without being boring because of some similarities of 2002 Spiderman. This movie is still portraying development of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) into a superhero while he is still in high school. Besides that, the story also tells the origin story of orphan Peter Parker. As the director said, it’s a story about a kid who grows up looking for his father and finds himself.

In high school, Peter was an intelligent and not-so-popular student. Later, a scene brings him close to Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), a love interest of Peter Parker, a smart and beautiful girl who is an intern chief at Oscorp, a company which Richard Parker (Peter’s father) and Dr. Curt Connors had a research together. Here in Oscorp, Peter accidentally bitten by spider and coincidentally not in purpose helped Dr. Connors to solve the equation to create a serum which later he used for evil purposed.

I think this movie is great! It has a humour, action and romance in it.
It’s not just an action superhero movie, but it also develop the character well. How Peter grows up with the absence of his parents. How Uncle Ben and Aunt May in many scenes acts like real parents for Peter, very concern and worry about their nephew. How Peter closes to his first love, Gwen.
That is things that had not been explored in Spiderman’s previous installment.

Besides that, I also love the main cast very much! <3

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker really play his role well. As Peter Parker, he is more like hipster and geeky Peter in a handsome way. Not like nerdy Peter that Tobey brought before.
In his late 20’s, his cute baby face is also still suitable for high school student role. Awww handsome Peter Parker is handsome! And I love how he can still maintain his handsome look with his messy hair. <3

And the main female cast, Emma Stone as Gwen is perfectto! Love her!
Blonde hair is very cute on her. Her outfits are very cute, too! And her face is perfectly fit with Gwen in comic.
(BTW, I’ve never realized that she originally is a blonde, since I knew her as a redhead or brunette)

BTW, Andrew chemistry with the Emma is also great. Although they play different genre in other films (Andrew more serious and drama, and Emma more funny and comedy), I can feel their love and chemistry.
There’s is a scene that I love the most. The scene at school when Peter asks Gwen to go out. That awkwardness is so cute! <3

Yup, I think that’s not surprising since they’re dating since a year ago at the filming. Aaaaa how can I not know that earlier!
So happy for them. I think they are funny and cute together. Just like ordinary young lover. Such a perfect couple. Ah, how I envy them both. <3

Huah, I started out of topic.
So, that’s my opinion about this movie. FYI, the sequel of The Amazing Spiderman is set for release on May 2014. Let’s wait! :D

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