my Sony Xperia P in a glimpse <3

Few days ago, I bought a new phone. After read some reviews on the internet and look into my budget and needs, I decided to buy Sony Xperia P in black, a new release of Android phone from Sony Smartphone. Actually I want to buy the silver one, but the store was out of stock. So, nevermind, the black one is also beautiful. And elegant. B)

BTW, this is not a review. Just an amateur opinion about my new phone. FYI, this is my first time using Android phone (I use Nokia E71 and Blackberry 8900 before) and this is exciting! What a new experience! :’)

Hey look, it’s so glossy, you can see me on the screen! :D
— taken with my not-so-good Blackberry phone camera

This phone size is 122 x 59.5 x 10.5 mm. Not too big in comparison with other new smartphones but actually it is pretty big for my small hands. Still tolerable, not add some difficulties though.

The design is beautiful. It stands out with minimalistic design. There are micro USB, HDMI and micro SIM port on the left side. Shutter camera, volume and power buttons are on the right side. 3.5mm headset jack on the top. Camera, LED flash and old Sony Ericsson logo on the back side.

BTW, I think the full body aluminium gives modern look to this minimalist phone. Elegant. I love the transparent line near the bottom of the body. That transparent line acts as home, menu and back button. It’s also serves as antenna and signal reception, cmiiw. How unique! BTW, it will aglow and vibrate when you touch it. You do not need to push, just touch.

One thing that is quite bother me is the old logo that Sony use in the front top of the phone. Doesn’t it make the phone looks like a TV? Eh. :P

main screen locked

main screen with time, search and weather widget

main screen with cute wallpaper that shows date and time in moving circles. cute :3

That is some pictures of the main screen. We can slide to unlock, but there’s also an option to unlock screen with 3×3 pattern.

BTW, the phone use White technology that gives one subpixel, so there are 4 subpixel: red, green, blue and white. It makes the display looks sharp and clear, and makes great power efficiency, said the web.

The phone has 4″ capacitive touchscreen display with multitouch up to 4 fingers. It use a scratch resistant glass but it has not use Corning Gorilla glass which is widely use in newest smartphones today. Right now, my phone still use Android OS v2.3 (Gingerbread). It is said that the Ice Cream Sandwich update will release soon. The 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM is quite impressive. So far, I do not experience any lag with this phone. The phone itself have 16MB internal memory storage and doesn’t have memory card slot.

This phone is supported with 8MP rear camera and VGA front camera. Some feature are available for this camera, such as touch focus, face and smile detection, and 3D sweep panorama. The pictures turn out great. Here’s some of them.

that’s me on the left, with my co-worker, taken with Xperia P front camera :D

taken with the rear camera

3D sweep panorama. cool! it captures almost 180 degrees…

I think the most difficult thing using this phone for the first time is typing!
OMG, even typing a single sentence makes me mad. But, thank Sony Xperia for bringing Gesture input technology to its keyboard. With this technology, we do not need to tap tap tap and tap again to create a word, we just need to slide over the letter and the phone will guess. With this feature, typing is no longer a problem for me.  :D
You can see the video below for more explanation.

Other cool technology in this phone is NFC. Near Field Communication (NFC) makes you able to send data to other device that supported NFC just by tapping each other back phone. Sony also comes with Smart Tags that allows you to customize things just by tapping your back phone to the tag. Sadly, I don’t get the tags in the phone package. :””(
For more info about this awesome Smart Tags feature, please see video below.

One disadvantage from this phone is the low battery capacity, only 1300mAh.
And unfortunately, it is difficult to be replaced because it becomes one with the body. So I must not forget to charge the battery every time possible, while still maintaining the battery quality so I do not need to run this phone to service center.
Haaaa… :|

Besides that, I feel that the screen position change from vertical to horizontal and vice versa is rather slow. Do all android phones act like this?
Because it’s very different from my brother’s Nokia Lumia 710 that have a very fast and smooth movement, even you can see the screen move from vertical to horizontal.

So, that’s few things about my new phone. Maybe I will update it later after I explore more on this phone. :D


  1. Android Boy · July 7, 2012

    If you use custom ROM, you can decrease delay time of screen orientation change. You can set to zero for (almost) instant change without delay.


    • annisa · July 8, 2012

      wow, thanks for the advice, Android Boy.:D


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