Check-in to your entertainment!

That’s what GetGlue said!

After knowing about GetGlue few months ago, finally I decided to create an account. :D

What is GetGlue?
GetGlue is social media where you check-in and share shows, movies, musics, books, or simply everything you do.

So what are the differences between 4sq and GetGlue?
While foursquare shares your places, GetGlue share your activities, especially the one related to entertainment.
In GetGlue, there is only one official shows / movies / musics / books to checking-in. Not like foursquare where there are so many duplicate places to checking-in.

One thing that makes GetGlue interesting is its stickers!
This is like foursquare badges. After you checking-in to your favorite shows, movies and music, you will get stickers. There are also limited time sticker which is available in a very short time, for example in opening weekend of a movie.

And the best thing: you can order the physical copies of the sticker for FREE !!! \(^^)/
You can order the physical copies every 20 stickers and only once in a month.

Here’s my stickers:

I’ve already order my first batch of stickers yesterday. I wish they safely arrive at my house soon! :)

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