yesterday at office

Yesterday was a pretty nice day at office. \☺/

Finally there are things I got to do.
For past month, I was really bored. Since moving to new department, I’ve still got nothing to do but have to spent whole day in office. Limited space, limited internet connection, limited things to do, even limited person to talk to. : (

Yesterday was nice. But after I’ve done my work, I was bored. Again.
I think I am pretty quick to do my job. Seems like I need work management; slow-ing my work so I will always have things to do. Continuously. :P

After about two months surrounded by people whom I difficult to talk with, finally yesterday there is a local female colleague who move to seat beside me. Yeaaay!

She’s young, pretty and very feminine.
She moved with a little cabinet; documents and her personal things. She’s also bring some cute shoes & sandals and put them below her desk. So girly. :’)

I like her because:
she’s not gossip-er type — gossip girls are annoying, seems like they do not have any other things to do rather than talking about others’ businesses;
she does not speak harsh word — girls who speaks harsh words decrease her beauty by 80%, your face is beauty but your mouth is rotten;
and the most important, she smiles a lot. ☺

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