too much expectations …

… may lead you to disappointment. and sadness.

Yup, that’s what I’ve learned several days ago.

When you do something, try not to expect things from others; praise or thanks or whatever. Do it sincerely. Otherwise, it will stressed you.

But, that’s what I hadn’t still learned. Until now, I still can not stop expecting things from others, especially people who close to me, people I loved.
I still imagine what are they going to give me and how will they responses to things that I’ve done to them.
I think that’s normal since I am just a social normal person, no more, no less.
How about being a person with less expectations?
I don’t promise to be such perfect person, but I will learn for sure.

Moreover, as a social human being, try to appreciate what other people do. Simple ‘thank you’ will do. :)

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