This Means War (2012)

It was a rainy lazy Sunday and I simply did not wanted to think and just spend my day watching movies. Then I decided to watch “This Means War”.

This Means War is a romantic comedy movie with a little splash of action, starring Reese Witherspoon (Lauren), Tom Hardy (Tuck) and Chris Pine (FDR). This movie was released on February 2012.

After some times without having a date, Lauren now faced with a very difficult choice, Tuck and FDR. It is like a very very very tough choice since Tuck and FDR both seems having a perfect personality (and hot, like really really hot!).

The two guys are CIA agents, and best friends. When they know that they fall in love with the same girl, they try to make rules and agree on gentlemen agreements. But later, they cannot bear with it and finally use their spy agency resources and run their own tactics to get Lauren’s heart.

This movie is light and entertaining.
The background story is quite shallow. The villain is just a mini insertion to make Tuck and FDR look like CIA agents and have a serious task to do. But, do not be disappointed because this movie can makes you laugh out loud with Tuck and FDR silly action in order to get Lauren’s heart.

Despite many shortcomings, fortunately this movie supported by beautiful and super handsome actress.
Aww how lucky Reese..! She can get a scene with Tom Hardy with his handsomeness, melting voice, and…..British accent. How cute! :3
She also get a scene with Chris Pine with his crystal blue ice and womanizer act (yet still melt women hearts).
Ahh, but I still prefer Tom! #teamTomHardy

My advice when watching this movie:
sit, do not think to much, do not expect to much, enjoy their handsome faces, and laugh out loud. :D

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