background noise

So, start from today, my work space in office moved from 22th to 17th floor. The solution team, included me, moved to this floor because we need to discuss more with the project team.

Since the work space is new, the place is still clean and neat. We can choose our own seat in that room. I also get my own seat and desk, which is quite difficult to get in my previous place. :)

I sit between Chinese and Malaysian colleague. So far I do not find any local employee in this room. Kinda feel lonely. Huks :””
Everybody speak Mandarin when communicating.

This room is very busy. Many people come and go. Many people is debating and shouting. I wonder if they can speak softly or not. :|

And then, my Malay friend chat me. He can not stand with this noises. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) he can understand and speak English, Chinese, and Bahasa. This crowd makes he distracted and could not focus on his work.
And me?
I am getting used to this situation. Since I don’t understand any single words they speak, I take it as daily background noises. :P

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