eye makeup <3

I like eye makeup very much, even though I do not use it often and not good at it. I just adore it. It looks interesting, like painting in the face. :D

If there’s one thing about makeup that I really want, eye makeup kit that is. The eye shadow palette, various kinds of eye liner, the brushes, etc etc.

Few weeks ago, I bought a liquid eyeliner from M*A*D Minerals which is known of its long lasting waterproof. I bought the Prism color which is more like dark base eyeliner with a touch of shimmery colors of pink, gold, silver, green and blue.

OMG, this eyeliner is sick! It really is waterproof and hard to remove. First time I used this thing, it lasted up to 2 days even though I’ve tried to clean it!
Lately I used baby oil and facial cleaner first, and then wash my face to remove it completely. It works.

Because of its liquid form, you have to wait for a minute after you apply it, so the eyeliner is applied perfectly.

Another thing that I bought is E.L.F The Beauty Encyclopedia Basic Eye Edition.

This eye makeup kit consist of 12 eye shadow shades, 2 cream eye shadow, 1 pencil eyeliner, 1 eye shadow brush and 1 eye shadow applicator. Quite complete for beginner like me. :D

The packaging is unique. It is like a book. The page behind the cover is the instructions on how to apply good eye makeup.
I love the colors of the eye shadows. It’s really neutral and can be used daily.
The cream eye shadow supposed to used as the eye shadow base so the color is enhanced.

In daily activities, I only use eye liner and cream eye shadow, and sometimes eye shadow with light color. The eye liner and that shimmery cream eye shadow make my sleepy eyes more open and look fresh without giving excessive look. :)

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