2 minutes microwave chocolate lava cake recipe

Today, I am home alone and bored. After browsed the internet and stumbled upon on youtube, I found this video:

That is a video about baking molten cake in just 2 minutes! It seems pretty easy to bake and looks delicious. And just need a little time for preparation. Amazing…

So, the ingredients are:

– 3 tbsp of butter; melted
– 3 tbsp of sugar; I used powdered sugar
– 1 egg; whisked
– 3 tbsp of plain milk
– a bit vanilla extract
– 4 tbsp of flour
– a pinch of baking powder, because I do not have self-rising flour
– 2 tbsp of cocoa powder
– instead of using choco chips, I use Ceres choco hazelnut which is quite similar with Nutella :9

How to:

First, add sugar to melted butter, whisk.
Add the whisked egg, milk and vanilla extract.
Add flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. Mix well.
Pour the batter into a mug.
Put it in microwave for about 2 minutes.
And, VOILA! Your cake is ready to serve! :9

Here’s some notes for you:

Don’t forget to sieve everything that powdered form. It helps you to get rid of the lumps while you whisk the batter.

Before you put the batter in the mug, I advice you to cover the inside of the mug with butter, so the cake do not stick to the mug.

You just need to fill the mug in a half or 3/4, because the cake will expand while you put it in microwave. Or simply just use a bigger mug. :D

For the Ceres, I insert it in the middle of the batter. So, you pour half of your batter to the mug, add a spoon of Ceres, and put the rest of the batter in the top of that.
If you want to use lot spoon of Ceres, reduce the amount of sugar you use, because it would be very sweet.

After use the microwave, be careful because the mug is veryyy hot!

You can eat the cake directly from the mug or you can serve it in a plate and pour a pinch of powdered sugar. Sweet… :)

And…here’s photo of my cake:

I can’t believe that making chocolate cake can be so quick and easy.
I also can’t believe that it taste like a real chocolate cake. Nyaaam :9


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  2. shendiary · March 11, 2012

    aaa looks yummy! :9


  3. mariam abid · April 10, 2012

    is it important to add vanilla extracts


    • annisa · April 10, 2012

      nope, it’s not very important. you can make the cake even without vanilla extracts. :)


  4. phycyj · June 26, 2012

    I’m gonna try this tonight! :D


  5. nikkei · September 17, 2012

    is it important to put eggs


    • annisa · September 23, 2012

      I think so. Eggs is the main ingredient in baking cake. It holds the ingredients of cake together and makes the cake moist.


  6. Gonzalo Raycraft · October 11, 2012

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    Please do look out for our favorite web portal


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