domo-kun phone case

domo-kun phone case

Yesterday, in the midst of my final project, I tried to find something else to do to refresh myself. Unconciously, I always choose movies, foods, or crafts to get out of boredom. And for now, it goes to crafts! :D

After several times working on papercrafts, I’d like to get new experience from knitting or sewing. So, I decide to make simple phone case with domo-kun character.

I get the reference from this picture (source):

The materials:

  1. light brown, red, white, and black flannel / felt
  2. needle
  3. sewing thread (with matched colors with the fabrics)

How to:

  1. create a model pattern on a thick paper. (I make this phone case for Aditya’s Google Nexus S which dimensions 124x63x11mm, so I create a 135x75mm model.)
  2. duplicate the model into the fabric.
  3. cut fabric according to model pattern.
  4. sew! (I use the blanket stitch technique to sew the felt-fabric. Here’s the tutorial…)

NB: To make this domo-kun phone case, it’s better to use light-brown felt-cloth, because darker color cause the domo-kun’s eyes are not visible. .__.

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