jelly lens: simple add-on lens for cameraphones

Getting bored of my cellphone camera, few days ago I bought jelly lenses from, Indonesia sale forum.

Jelly lens is an add-on lens which fit to mostly cellphone camera and pocket camera (or every camera with lens diameter no bigger than 1cm). This lens give certain special effect to your photo shoot. There’s 12 different effects that you can get by using jelly lens:

  1. Wide angle / fish eye
  2. Polarized
  3. Close-up
  4. Star frame and sepia filter
  5. Heart frame and green filter
  6. Vignette
  7. Starburst
  8. Spark
  9. Stretch
  10. Soft
  11. 3-images mirage
  12. 6-images mirage

..and I bought the close-up, polarizer, fish-eye and star frame/sepia filter lens.

Jelly lens is easy to use. Just remove the lens cap from the adhesive pad; attach the jelly lens to camera lens; correct the position for better photo result; take photos! :D

Later, when the adhesive pad is weakens and not sticky at all, gently clean it with soap water.

Here’s the result of my photo shoots with jelly lens:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And below is my review about jelly lens. :D

After taking several photos with this add-on lens, my favorite lens goes to…fish-eye and close-up lens! Fish-eye lens give you unique bulge wide-angle picture, while close-up lens give you really fine macro images.

Sadly, the three other did not provide satisfactory image results. I think the sepia filter is not too good, the filter is not soft enough. Instead of giving you an antique sepia images, the filter will make your photo toooooo orange! The star frame is very difficult to be adjusted to the midpoint of the camera lens. I used to correct it over and over again. And the polarized…..hmm I still do not get the function. Well.., it used to reduce the light reflection on the photo shoot. But the problem is, I still do not get the appropriate conditions to use the lens with my cellphone camera.

BTW, as I saw from many sources, the vignette and starburst lens also give beautiful result. Maybe I should try it later.

Hmm, I know that my photo shoots is not good enough. Maybe I should practice, practice, and take more photos if I want to improve it. :D

For more information about the jelly lens: google it or go to . :)

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