These last few days I felt like not living life the way I am. Drowned in front of my laptop screen, day and night, read engineering e-books that I hardly understand. Did not enthusiast picking up the phone or replying text message from my family and my bf (sorry :'( ). Went to campus just to meet my mentor and did some necessary things. Unconsciously gave fake smiles to people I met. Less sleep, less eat, no body exercise.

HAAAAA~ Why did I turn into such a negative person? X(

They last until last night when I got such a bad headache and felt so unwell. I realized that I should not supposed to be like that…

I’ve stated that my short-time plans is get a bachelor degree before Ied Fitri holiday (see my previous post here) although it’s like mission impossible since yesterday things did not went well. So, why forced myself too much and turned into negative person? The sky won’t falling if I don’t get a chance to get a bachelor degree before this holiday, right? :D

Enjoy your days, Annisa!

Yes, I will start to enjoy my day from now. Start with giving attention to my health. Smile. Accompany Adit’s mom and brother to hospital this morning. Join futsal with electrogirls tonight. :)

Sorry for the grammatical errors and my poor English. :P

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