fb and g+ relationship status option

status hubungan di google+ ini lebih variatif dibanding F***o* dan lucu :))


After saw that post on my g+ stream, I open my facebook and g+ profile just to see the relationship status option. Actually, I never noticed that option because as long as I have facebook and g+, I’ve only change it once. And the change was invited by my boyfriend, indeed. :P

facebook relationship status option

g+ relationship status option

Wow, there’s a lot of options. In my opinion, we can compressed them into four: don’t want to say, single, in a relationship & it is complicated. How about the others?

Engaged, married, in an open relationship, in a domestic partnership, in a civil union are kinds of relationship. Why don’t just put it in to “in a relationship” then?

You become single after divorced, right? And if you are still widowed for some times, it means you are single. What about separated? You may be single or still in a relationship when you are separated from your partner. So, you can choose single, in a relationship, or simply put your relationship status to “it is complicated”.

And by the way, every relationship is complicated, right? Should we simplified it again into three options? :P

Nowadays, people really love to share things, including their relationship status. That’s why social media network is built, right? To share things. Jadi, yasuwdahlah…

Hahaha, just a silly thought and a random post in this hot sunny Sunday.

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  1. Joice · July 31, 2011

    di postingan anis :)


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