how emoticon change everything (=^▽^)/ ♪

So, I was having chat with my brother using blackberry messenger. Here’s copy of the chat:

Adhitya Priady: Minta persenan aja sekalian teh (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Iya (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Minta samsung galaxy S II aja deh (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Minta ipon aje (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Gamao ipon (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Ade deh (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Boyee boyee (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Coba orangnya liat chat ini (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Pasti gantung diri (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Pastiii (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Seru ya pake autotext sampai mampus, keliatannya jadi ceria (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Coba bilang: bego banget deh tu orang (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Iyaaa (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Pasti orangnya ga marah
Annisa Fitri: Eh lupa (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Ih tuh kunyuk kok bego banget ya (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Pasti orangnya senyum (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Anjing emang nih angkot2 ga tau diri (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Babi nih motor ngalangin jalan (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Iat daaah jadi orang lamban bgt (=^▽^)/ ♪
Adhitya Priady: Setan! Untung gua gak bawa golok, jangan sampe gua bacok tuh orang (=^▽^)/ ♪
Annisa Fitri: Hiks sedih banget deh gw (=^▽^)/ ♪

Now, many people use emoticons to express their emotions and feelings via text messages. But, what if it is not used properly. Hmm I think the chat above is adequate enough to describe my previous sentence. :))

Can be seen above that the chat is full of emoticons. I certainly not typed it all. They are saved and used as auto text.

Auto text feature is provided in the mobile phone to facilitate user in typing. But over time, this feature is abused and even used to make all emoticons that can be made, for example: (˘ڡ˘) , LO ┒(‘o’┒) , GUE (┌’,’┐) , END ┒(˘- ˘ )┎ , ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ , ‎​(ˇ▽ˇ)-c<ˇ_ˇ) , (っ ̄³ ̄)っ , (˘⌣˘)ε˘`) , (づ^.^)づ~♡ , (” `з´ )_,/”(>_<!) , (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) , Щ(ºДºЩ) , and many more.

My brother and I ended up using those emoticons to things that are not appropriate. That’s fun! I laughed along chat with him. Hahaha that’s pretty entertaining on a rainy day and loneliness in this dorm. (=^▽^)/ ♪

Just realized that the content of this post mostly not related with the title. gapapa lah yaa (=^▽^)/ ♪

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