Brussels Spring waffle is too…


Yesterday, I went to Brussels Spring to have dinner with my boyfriend. Brussels Spring is located on Jalan Sumatera, Bandung; on the left, right after the railway. It serves waffle, pasta, cake, various western food, and many kinds of beverages. The price range is from 10K IDR to 70K IDR.

Belgian Waffle Ice Cream

We both ordered waffle with Belgian Chocolate ice cream (using disdus voucher :D ), because they well-known for their Belgian Chocolate. I forgot to take picture. The picture above taken from here. Hmm, I think, Brussels Spring’s waffle is too crispy. Not very satisfying for me, because I like crispy-waffle-with-fluffy-inside more. :(

Chicken Steak

Besides waffles, we also ordered Chicken Steak. Chicken steak served with mash potato, veggie, and BBQ sauce. Delicious. I like the mash potato, a lot. :)

Adit — who crazy about chocolate — ordered Frozen Hot Chocolate to drink. Weird name, huh? And I — who love to try new things — ordered Rose Flower Tea. The waiter explained that there will be a piece-of-something put into a pot filled with hot water. The piece-of-something then will bloom and make tea with particular scent. Sound cuteee. :D

May the picture below explain a little about blooming tea. Picture taken from here. :)

I couldn’t wait for the tea to served in my table, but the reality is not beautiful as that. I found that the flower has bloomed and filtered so I can’t watch the process. The tea taste bitter and smell weird. Ugh.. It’s not a good decision to have a tea with strong scent of flower. I prefer ‘teh tawar hangat’ than this rose flower tea. #fail -_-

Moral message: try new different things is good, but don’t regret it later. At least you’ve experienced and knew something new.

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