puZZed: when ordinary alarm can’t wake you up

I have a problem with waking up in the morning. Besides disorder sleep time, sometimes ordinary alarm alert just can’t wake me up. I’ve tried several method to fix this. I’ve using three to five alarms; sometimes I bother my parent to call and chat with me in the morning; or asking my dorm-mate to wake me up. Annoying, huh?

And finally, I’ve found an application that can help me through this bad habit. :D

puZZed. I’ve tried this application for several days and it seems useful. It’s not just an ordinary alarm. You have to finish a series of puzzle to go ahead, either snoozing or turning the alarm off. Here’s the example:

picture taken from here

There’s 5 puzzles available. Two of them is free, and three other premium puzzles can be obtained by paying. This application can be downloaded from Blackberry application store.

This application is user friendly. Just download and install it; set the alarm time; set the alarm tone; make sure that the alarm ‘on’; and choose the available puzzle to solve. When the time has come, the alarm box will appear in the home screen as usual and followed with several puzzle. Finish the puzzle to turn off the alarm tone! :)

Actually there’s many similar applications available out there, but sadly it’s hard to get free application that compatible with my handset. :(


I’ve used this application for several days and it seems not helpful for me.

On the first day, I felt annoyed by the alarm tone and found difficulties on answering the puzzle in sleepy eye, so I wake up. Days after that, amazingly I can answer the puzzle easily in half-sleep mode and turn off the alarm. -__-

just my opinion. not a paid post. :P

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