McDonald’s breakfast menu: hotcakes

Few days ago, I tried breakfast menu at McDonald’s Simpang Dago, Bandung. There’s hotcakes, hash brown, and McMuffin with egg, sausages, or both. BTW, since when McDonald’s Indonesia offers breakfast menu like in other country?

I’ve tried the hash brown before. Hash brown is a pan-fried grated potatoes. It has crispy texture outside and fluffy inside; delicious. We can have it with 9900 IDR, or 5000 IDR if we buy a breakfast packet.

picture taken from here.

There’s a hotcakes + beverages and hotcakes + beverages + hash brown packet. We can choose the beverages; dark coffee, white coffee, or tea. I bought the first packet, hot cakes and white coffee, for 19000 IDR.

hot cakes and white coffee

The hotcakes is standard. They’re topped with butter and maple syrup. The combination of butter and maple syrup makes the cakes tasted savory and sweet. Like it! :)

Occasionally expensive breakfast. The next day, back to normal life, having cheap breakfast at canteen near my dorm. :P

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