yummy waffle at Pisetta

Today, I had dinner with my boyfriend at Pisetta Gelato and Pancake Parlor which located at Bahureksa, Bandung. By the way, Pisetta also has its little cafe at Cihampelas Walk, Bandung. Due to more comfy place at Bahureksa, we’d choose to get there.

As its named, Pisetta offers gelato, waffles, pancakes, crepes, pasta, and various beverages. The price range from 5000 IDR to 30.ooo IDR.

Here’s our dinner tonight:

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Too many chocolate for dinner, huh? Hahaha :P

The volcano waffle and poffertjes are super yummy. There’s a few seconds of speechless after I put them into my mouth. They’re so blablabla when the dark cooking chocolate melts in your mouth. Ah, it’s undescribable (?).  :9

Thank Disdus who sells various voucher, include this Pisetta. So, I just had to pay 40.ooo IDR for 80.000 IDR. :’)

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