Macaroons and Schuimpjes

Few days ago, before I went to Jakarta, I went with my boyfriend to find some macaroons at Bawean bakery. Bawean bakery has two stores. One’s located in Bawean street and the other one is located in Riau street. We went to the second store. There, we bought some macaroons.

I bought five macaroons; mocca, vanilla-cream, chocolate, cheese, and blueberry. Each cost 6500 IDR. The cheese flavour cost 7000 IDR. I think this macaroons is delicious. Crispy texture with soft filling. It tastes really sweet.

As far as I know, we can only find macaroons at Bawean bakery at Bandung. CMIIW

After bought some macaroons, impulsively my boyfriend took me to Citra Sari bakery at Soka street. We went there to bought some schuimpjes. If we take a look at the name, we may know that schuimpjes is originated from Netherlands. Schuimpjes has a crispy texture and a really really sweet taste. I suggest you not to eat schuimpjes to much if you don’t want to get diabetes. :p

Schuimpjes at Citra Sari is rather cheap. 1000 IDR for the little schuimpjes and 1500 IDR for the big one. :D

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