I want that aromatherapy-things!

Yesterday I went to my brother’s room. I smelled something cute(?) and relaxing scent when I entered his room, and then I saw that aromatherapy-thing.

I have wanted it for so long. Then, I asked my brother where he bought that stuff.

He bought that aromatherapy set at ACE Hardware. The pot cost 20K IDR, a pack of round candles (100 pieces) cost 50K IDR, and a big bottle of simmering liquid cost 50K IDR.

After that, I asked my mother to go to ACE.

Me: Mom, let’s go to ACE.

Mom: What are you going to buy?

Me: I want to buy aromatherapy set like brother has.

Mom: What? I think you don’t need those things. You’re careless person, I don’t want anything bad happen with you and your room.

Me: …..

Mom: Hmm, you might burn your room.

Me: -__-“

Aaaaa, I want that aromatherapy-things! >_<

One comment

  1. yuli widyastuti · December 5, 2011

    what a sale aromatherapy ?
    i want to buy..,


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