Obsessed movie. Or should be called Psychopath movie?

So, last night when I was doing some assignment with Intan and Timor at Copi’s room, we distracted by HBO which broadcast “Obsessed”. So, we watch the movie with Diska and Vivi while working on our assignment. Multi-tasking rules! :p

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This movie is starring Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter, and Idris Elba as main character. “Obsessed” tells about Derek (Idris Elba), successful manager in a private company. He lives happily with his only son and his beautiful wife, Sharon (Beyonce). At the office, he has a new beautiful and smart assistant, Lisa (Ali Larter).

Later, he finds that Lisa is obsessed with him and try everything to get close to him. Lisa also start to stalk Derek’s life and family. So creepy! -_-

At first, I thought that this is a drama movie. But then, this movie seems like thriller. The story is standard, yet making us emotionally yelling at bitchy Lisa. Hahaha… Derek responds Lisa too well. Why don’t he tell his wife since Lisa starts bothering his life? Why don’t he take Lisa to jail as soon as possible? Argh.

moral of the story: let’s learn martial arts, in case we need to fight with obsessed-psycho-guy. :D

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