Potluck Coffee Bar

So last night, impulsively, I went with my boyfriend without a clear direction and destination. Considering “The Bandung Food Hit-list Project“, we finally walked to a cafe near campus. Potluck Coffee Bar.

Potluck is located on Haji Wasid Street, Bandung. We went there on foot from campus. The place is close enough and easy to find. (thank God there’s google map!)

Potluck is a comfortable place with a simple interior design and relaxing jazz music. I think this is a very nice place to hanging-out or doing assignment. Oh, there’s also a small library in Potluck, so we can spend time reading books and magazines. And, if we come at weekend, we can enjoy live music performance. :D

The drink is various. There’s coffee, tea, chocolate, juice, etc. The price is medium and affordable. I ordered Hot Moccachino. Whereas, my boyfriend ordered Frothy Capuccino in accordance with the Foursquare tip.

Hot Moccachino

Aaaaa, the coffee looks too cute(?).

seems I would often come here to work on final project, later.

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