Megamind: some villains are born to be heroes


Megamind (Will Ferrell) is a super genius alien who is sent to the earth at age of eight days because of the catastrophe of his planet (seems like the beginning of Superman, huh?). In a way to earth, he meet Metroman (Brad Pitt), superhero-wannabe. In childhood day, they both through a very different destiny. While Metroman is always good at everything, Megamind is always be the last one picked. Poor him. :(

Cruel  treatment and jealousy of all the attention that Metroman received turns Megamind to be city supervillains. He, accompanied with his loyal friend, Minion, always makes mess to the city. The purpose is rival Metroman and defeat him!

One day, when Metroman Museum is going to launch, Megamind kidnaps Roxanne Ritchi, news reporter. With his tricky trap, Megamind finally defeats Metroman and takes the Metro city.

But then.., he finds himself is pointless without heroes to defeat. So, he creates and trains new hero. His plans seems not running smoothly. Superhero that he creates going mad and become new supervillain called Tighten (read: Titan).

So, he tried to tidy up all the chaos and bring peace to the city. :)

I just watched this movie last night. This movie is very funny and hilarious. Recommended! :)

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